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Independence Day momentum to reignite spirit to develop new capital

Rabu - 24 Agu 2022, 20:31 WIB
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Editor : Anne Marie Heidija

Jakarta, -- "The construction of Nusantara Capital City must not stall," President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated in his address during the 2022 People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Annual Session on August 16 ahead of Independence Day.

The parliament’s annual session and Independence Day commemoration have offered the national leadership another medium to ignite the spirit of all national stakeholders to proceed with the new capital relocation process without hesitation.

Following the passing of Law on National Capital by the House of Representatives (DPR) earlier this year, which the president lauded as the parliament’s expression of support for massive transformation, national leaders must continue to motivate residents and officials to support development of the new capital.

During his address, he ensured that the new capital development would accommodate all residents, regardless of their professions, and have economic benefits in the long run.

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The new capital is not only for state civil apparatus but also a city for innovators and entrepreneurs, Jokowi said. The city would not only house government offices, but it will also become a new economic driving force, according to the head of state.

He added that the new capital would not be an ordinary city but will be a forest city with world-class education and health services.

The president said that the new capital would stir investment as private investors are invited to participate in the new capital development, thereby alleviating the issue that the new capital development will potentially become a burden on the State Budget.

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